About Us

Sunrise from our kitchen window

    Located in the heart of rural Eastern Iowa, Silver Needle Stitching, LLC resides in the lower level of the home of Carl and Cheryl Robinson.  Together they raise corn, hay, soybeans and beef cattle on 700 acres of the family farm.  The farm is named Robinmere for the purebred Angus cattle previously raised there by Carl's uncle.  It has been in the family for over one hundred years.

      It is a smoke and cat free environment.  They do, however, share their quarters with Cheryl's "shadow".  A half Toy Poodle and half Havenese snuggly bundle of energy.  But do not be concerned, neither Poodle or Havenese dogs shed, so there will be no pet hair on your quilt.

Sunset from our studio window

       Cheryl comes from a long line of sewing professionals and has been sewing since the age of 10.  Her maternal grandmother worked as a men's tailor in clothing stores all her life.  One aunt worked as a tailor as well.  Another aunt made wedding and bridesmaid dresses.  Her mother sewed all her own clothes and other items.  Many of the things she created were original designs.  One of their daughters developed an interest in quilting and became an expert hand quilter.  Cheryl caught the passion for quilting from her. Their other daughter also has a very artistic flair with scrap booking as her medium.