Quilting Services

We now offer free pick up and delivery withing 50 miles of our location.  Ask for our brochure at your local quilt shop.

Simple Pantographs - Less dense edge to edge all over designs
$.015 per square inch ($40.00 minimum)
 Complex Pantographs - More densely quilted edge to edge all over designs
$.018 per square inch ($45.00 minimum)
 Pantograph with Custom Border - all over design in center with different border
$.02 per square inch ($50.00 minimum)
 Custom Quilting - Different designs in blocks, borders and/or sashing. Designs that require the use of rulers or templates
$.03 and up per square inch depending on the complexity of the design. Please call or e-mail for a consultation.
 T-Shirt Quilts - The T-shirts must be stabilized per our instructions on the Helps page.
$.015 per square inch ($40.00 minimum) Simple Pantographs Only

                                                       Batting Prices

     We feature five types of Quilter's Dream Batting, one of the top lines of batting in the country. It is sold by the linear inch from a 122" wide king size roll. You will usually be able to order for the width of your quilt.

     If you prefer a different Quilter's Dream Batting type we would be happy to obtain it for you at their retail prepackaged price plus their shipping fee.  See their link on our Links Tab.

Dream Puff

100% Polyester

$.36 per linear inch

Wonderfully light with a loft of 1/3" to 1/2". It imparts volume and definition to the quilting. Its silky soft breathable fibers are 1.5 times warmer than down. Quilts may be gently machine washed in warm or cold water and dried in a cool dryer with no shrinkage.

Dream Blend

70% Cotton and 30% Polyester

$.38 per linear inch

The highest grade of USA cleaned natural cotton is blended with silky fine denier microfibers that imitate natural fibers in softness, drape and breathability and impart volume to the cotton. Its loft will give definition to your quilting design. Shrinkage is minimal. Finished quilts may be machine washed and dried.

Dream Wool

A blend of high quality Merino and domestic wool tops.

$.49 per linear inch

The scoured and super-washed wool is carded, crosslapped and thermal bonded. It contains no resin or scrim resulting in exceptional natural qualities and durability. It has a loft of 1/4" and may be gently machine washed in cool water and a cool dryer with 0% shrink. It may also be dry cleaned.

Dream Orient

A blend of natural environmentally friendly fibers brings you warmth and breathability. It provides a softness and strength that must be touched to be believed.

Produces the traditional quilted look.

Finished quilt may be gently machine washed in warm water and dried in a cool dryer with 3% shrink. Gently washed in cool water and cool dryer 1%  shrinkage.


$.49 per linear inch

Bamboo: a velvety soft absorbent fiber with unique anti-bacterial properties. Bamboo is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Silk: is the strongest natural fiber in existence and has always stood for quality and excellence. It contains high quality Tussah Peace silk which is stronger and more resilient than white silk.

Botanic Tencel: is made from eucalyptus wood pulp from sustainable farms. It is exceptionally strong and resilient to wrinkles yet so soft it is referred to as imitation silk.

Cotton: a fully renewable fiber that is soft and breathable. Only the highest grade cleaned upland USA cotton is used for durability and quality.


 Dream Cotton Select

A 100% cotton batting with a very high thermal value  (R=3.8), warm yet light.

$.45 per linear inch

Starts with the finest USA cotton and proudly carries the Cotton Incorporated's seal. Their special process of carding and needle punching prevents shifting and lumping. The finished quilt may be machine washed and dried. Shrinkage is minimal. It drapes beautifully giving a traditional look and feel to your quilt.
 * *   Please consult with us if you would like to provide your own batting as not all brands and types of batting are compatible with long arm quilting.

                                                        Backing Fabric

  We are able to provide 108" batik fabric as backing for your quilt. You may view the available fabric choices by clicking Sew Batik Fabrics on our Links Tab.

$19.95 per yard

*Check our other services below for pricing on preparing the batik fabric as backing.


                                                        Thread Pricing

      Our desire is to involve you in this final step for your quilt as much as possible so we offer the following information about thread as well as the pricing. Although they will not be as accurate as the thread charts we have here at the studio, the colors may be viewed at Superior Threads or Bobbin Central on our Links Tab

     In the past we were told only to use cotton thread in our quilts. Today's modern polyester threads are widely accepted for use even in "heirloom quilts". Indeed, even the Smithsonian Institute is using polyester threads to mend antique quilts. Higher numbered thread weights are actually finer than lower numbers.

     Trilobal refers to a multiple filament, twisted, high sheen continuous fiber thread. It has the bright appearance of rayon or silk. Triangular shaped fibers reflect more light and give an attractive sparkle to textiles.

    Starting September 1st we are going to have to start charging for the thread used in your quilt.  We will charge $.50 per bobbin that we wind ourselves as they do not hold as much thread and $1.00 per bobbin on prewounds.  We felt this was the fairest way to assess cost. 

 So Fine by Superior Threads
A smooth 50 weight thread with a polished cotton look in solid colors.  Now also available in 40 and 30 weight threads.

Highlight & Art Studio Colors

by Ricky Tims for Superior Threads

Trilobal glossy 40 weight thread in solid colors.

Rainbows by Superior Threads

Trilobal glossy 40 weight thread in variegated colors with a one inch color change interval. 

Nature Colors & Living Colors

by Hollis Chatelain for Superior Threads

Trilobal glossy 40 weight thread in soft solid colors.
Lava by Superior Threads
Trilobal 35 weight thread in variegated colors with one inch color change. A bolder variegated thread.

King Tut by Superior Threads

Not recommended on thinner batting. Extra-long Egyptian grown cotton 40 weight thread in solid and variegated colors. 
  Glide by Fil Tec from Bobbin Central

A 40 weight trilobal thread utilizing "Color Candescence Reflectology" to capture the luster of rayon in a high quality colorfast polyester thread. Available in 126 colors.

Color Changes

Add $1.00 for each additional thread color to be used on your quilt.


 Binding Service Pricing

Hand Finished

$.30 per linear inch

Stitched to the front of your quilt and hand finished on the back with ladder stitching no longer than 1/4 inch. Includes making the straight grain binding from your fabric.

 Machine Finished

$.18 per linear inch

Stitched to the front of your quilt, turned to the back and stitched in the ditch from the front side. Includes making straight grain binding from your fabric.

 Attached Only

$.12 per linear inch

Stitched to the front of your quilt for you to finish. Includes making straight grain binding from your fabric.

Bias Cut Binding

Add .03 per inch to any of the above options.


Other Services

Make Backing

$10.00 per seam


Includes removing selvage, stitching, pressing and squaring. 

Prewashing and ironing backing fabric add an additional $15.00.

All other work billed at a rate of

$15.00 per hour

 Pressing quilt top, squaring your backing, basting muslin to quilt backs that are too small for attaching to long arm (does not include cost of muslin) etc.

     ** We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover Credit Cards; Visa, MasterCard and Discover Bank Debit Cards, Money Orders or Personal Checks, as well as PayPal.  Please call (563) 432-6446 or 319-360-3854 to discuss payment details.