Quilting Services

  Silver Needle Stitching offers you a wide range of quilting services.     


 The Quilt Top

  • Press the entire quilt top with "Best Press" from Mary Ellen
  • Trim seam threads and fabric frays from the back of your quilt top. (These may show through to the front side depending on fabric colors and/or thread count.)

The Quilt Back

  • Remove the selvage, seam, press and square the required fabric yardage provided by client.
  • Press and square the provided backing. (Enough extra backing must be provided to account for what is removed when squaring.)
  • Order and prepare 108 inch batik backing fabric from Sew Batik. You may view the available fabrics by clicking Sew Batik Fabrics on our Links page.

The Quilt Batting

  • We offer five different types of Quilter's Dream Batting on 122 inch wide rolls which is sold by the linear inch.  Quilter's Dream is one of the premier batting companies in the country.
  • We will also order other batting types from Quilter's Dream by the package, if you desire something we do not have available.  See our Links page to connect to their website and see what is available.

The Quilting

  • We are happy to provide hundreds of designs and design combinations with Intelliquilter computer aided quilting.  We can quickly download any design we do not already have from any number of artists.
  • We can customize designs and/or use free hand quilting to complement your quilt or fabric. 

The Quilt Binding

  • Make binding from the fabric yardage provided by you.
  • Make and attach binding to quilt from the fabric yardage provided by you which is ready for finishing by you.
  • Make, attach and machine finish the binding from the fabric yardage provided by you.
  • Make, attach and hand finish the binding from the fabric yardage provided by you.